Hey, I’m Andrea.

I grew up watching many sporting activities and even playing some of them as well. I must admit that bowling was one of the first sports that drew my attention and created a deep curiosity of me knowing more about it.

Years later, such fascination led to the creation of Elitesportingguide.com.

This website’s main topic is bowling (who would’ve guessed). Bowling is a recreational sport that you can enjoy alone, with friends or with the whole family.

On Elite Sporting Guide you will learn about how long is a bowling alley and if bowling is a target game. These are just few of the topics covered within this website.

As the primary writer/author of this site, I am committed to providing clear, factual and transparent information about bowling which is easy to understand from the get go.

Whether you’re a beginner at bowling, a pro, student doing a project or just a random person interested in bowling then Elite Sporting Guide has the answers for your curiosity.

I’m excited that you’re here!